The Cut Shot

The Cut Shot

The Cut Shot
These shots are when the cue ball must hit or slice the object ball at a specific angle. They are probably one of the most important shots in all of pool, as balls are rarely perfectly lined up.

To effectively line up your shot, take a look at the object ball and visualize the perfect cue ball placement to hit the object ball into the pocket in a straight line. Use that angle as your ideal reference for the point of contact.

Generally, any shot where the cue ball is lined up 75 to 90 degrees or more with the object ball will be impossible.

Whenever the angle of the shot is 0 to 45 degrees, they are relatively easy and require a soft or medium stroke. For the most part, a cut angle that is off by 1-5 degrees will still be relatively accurate.

Angles from 45 to 75 degrees are more difficult to make because of the minimal contact that can be made from the cue ball. Therefore, you must implement a stronger stroke to help propel the object ball into the pocket.

Rail Cut Shot
This is probably the toughest type of cut shot, but when performed correctly it is one of the most satisfying. For instance, picture an imaginary ball beside the object ball and that you must hit it cleanly so that it can billiard the object ball into the pocket. Many people think that you aim for the object ball against the rail, but in reality you are aiming for the rail!