Pool Equipment For Snooker

Pool Equipment For Snooker

Pool Equipment For Snooker
Snooker is one of the greatest games ever invented and in order to play, we must understand the tools involved. Today we will highlight some of the most important pieces of equipment to the game and how they are used.

The cue is a stick made of wood and/or fiberglass that generally weigh between 17-21 ounces. It is important to choose a stick that suits you and your playing style, after all it is your main tool to play.

Playing pool requires finesse in both the player and their equipment. To ensure effective contact with the cue and the ball, be sure to properly chalk the tip of the stick. We do this by rubbing and rotating a small green block of chalk around the dime-sized diameter of the cue’s tip.

There are several types of rests that can be used in the game of snooker. Some of which include X, hook, spider, swan, half butts, or extended versions of those. Nonetheless, they are diverse, but perform the same task of helping stabilize a players cue as they rest it on the varied extensions.

The triangle or rack found underneath the table is used to properly line up the balls in the shape of a triangle. This is used at the start of each frame in both 8-ball pool and Snooker.

For the most part, 8-ball does not really require a scoreboard because it is a win or loses depending on the last ball. On the other hand, Snooker is a game that is heavily based on the tallying of points. That being said, it is rather easy to lose track of ones score, so to properly play Snooker, it is important that you use a scoreboard.